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Just thought I'd say hi and make my presence known. =)

I don't really know much about PERL or mySQL, but I'm currently learning how to program in Java at school, and I've got a little background in HTML (also probably not much use here =p). I'm a big fan of LJ, and anything open-source, so I thought I'd join the community and try to keep posted on the latest happenings.

PS: I'm getting ready to register for classes next quarter, and I'm wondering where some of you went to school (since I know are are a lot of LJers from seattle), or just how you happened to learn what you know. I'm a fairly quick study, but it really does help me a lot to have an actual person to show me how to do things (I haven't had much success learning to program from online tutorials), and I would appreciate any reccomendations for places I can get fairly fast-paced intruction in UNIX or PERL etc

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