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new developer intro / music lists?

Hey everyone, I'm new! Brief bio: 22, Austin, Texas. Recent graduate with a BA in Comp. Sci. from the U of TX at Austin, I'm doing mostly web development right now (ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, etc)

My question is: Is there any way to get a list of all the music that someone has listened to (via the "current music" field)? And if not, then how can I go about proposing and implementing such a feature? We could even build some more complex matching features using music... ("find people who listen to the same music that I do...")
I was trying to look at the DB schemas to see where it's stored, but there are so many that I couldn't easily find which table it'd be in, so I went for the "easy" option... ask the people who know! :) Anyway, let me know what ya'll think.

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