J. R. Barberio (barberio) wrote in lj_dev,
J. R. Barberio


Okay, after some hacking around to get PHP working again, I *think* LJ-To-Go, the AvantGo Friends Page reader, is working again. If you still have it installed try a re-sync. If you need to re-install, go to the LJ to Go home page.

Tech Details

Okay, so they installed PHP, and that appears to be working... Except this is the PHP with the security fix. Which kills global references to form and cookie data. So I had to rewrite a part of it to do checks to see if the new form/cookie data interface exists, and try to access that. This means that the release counter is now up to 0.14.

Please, please, *please*, do put this on your own servers if you have them. Then you can use your own bandwidth. Or even share that bandwidth with friends who want to use the service.

Yes, this will all be changing as soon as there are clients that produce local caches of the friends page. (Incidentally, if you are working on that, please get in touch with me so I can try to write something to integrate them.)

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