Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bazaar Begins

Bazaar Session #1 is now active. I arbitrarily put $1,500 in the pot, but I can increase it at any time.

The following bugs will all make the pot increase, either this month, or in future months:

Zilla items with growpot keyword

So, this is how things work:

-- find a project you want to work on (either to something that interests you, or something marked growpot above)
-- get a patch, get it reviewed, get it committed
-- when things make it into CVS, file a contribution that you did it.
-- make sure other people know of your contribution (perhaps reply in the zilla item with your "ack my contribution" URL)
-- voters ack your contribution, and weight them against others made so far in the month
-- at the end of the month, magic math (not yet committed) runs, and everybody with votes towards items of theirs get voting power for next month (and optionally a piece of the pot, if you're not me or lisa....)

Things will be confusing for a while, but it should be more obvious to everybody when the next session starts and you can use the voting tools.

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