Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_dev,

Implementation Suggestion: Security levels

At the moment, security levels are a mess. There are so many userprops regulating the security of various informations on the User Info page, and every one of them works differently than the other. The DB table 'log' has a mechanism of its own, 'memorable' has yet another.

Now, I know that we don't want to change 'log' because it's huge. But that's okay. We can live with this one exception.

For everything else, I propose we create a new table:

- userid
- itemtype (char? string?)
- itemid
- security (private, custom, friends only, registered users only, public)
- allowmask (for custom only)

Where "itemtype" can be:
- Location
- Birthdate (day and month)
- Birthyear
- Actual e-mail address
- @lj.com e-mail address
- Y!ID
- MSN Username
- Jabber handle
- Friend-of list
- Member-of list
- Posting access list
- [sometime-in-the-future-to-exist] Watched-by list
- Paid time expiry date
- Cluster you're on
[Up to here, for all of these, itemid is blank (NULL)]
- memory (itemid = memid)
- todo-list item (itemid = todoid)
- whatever other features we can think of

Then get rid of all the security-related options on editinfo.bml and make a new page: securities.bml (perhaps edit/securities.bml?). This page will have a nice structured uncluttered well-aligned list of all these options (well, just those without itemids of course) with copies of the same drop-down box next to them: Private, Custom, Friends-only, Registered-only, Public. If Custom is selected in any of them, clicking "Save Changes" brings you to a new page where you can click checkboxes for each of the options you custom'ed.

The same mechanism could be used for permissions:

Who can comment in your journal? Private = nobody; Public = anybody; etc. Just call the entries in the drop-down boxes something else.

Whose comments are screened automatically? Will internally become: Who is allowed to comment unscreened? "Registered users only", then, would mean: Anonymous comments are screened. For example.


I would definitely like to participate in this; in particular, I would like to create the new "Edit Securities" page.

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