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lj_dev asks that people introduce themselves so here is a short note of relevant introduction. Formally people say I am a "twenty year veteran" of the "computing industry." Fooey.

Technically I've played the CTO / Chief Architect role in a number of ventures since 1994 - since 1998 I've been CEO/CTO of a small Silicon Valley company focused on the development of affinity categorization technologies and HCI stuff (especially socialization of interfaces to information). I am a very "hands on" person - but I am not a 24/7 coder. I've been on the net forever - look for me in Google and you'll find posts of mine to comp.parallel from the late 1980's (yes, I once was a guru in parallel and distributed computing - I even have a doctorate in it). I've been on the design teams of two microprocessors - so have hardware and software in my blood.

That BS aside I'm really an artist - but don't tell anyone - and have been working these past six years or so to return to my artistic roots and incorporate art and "spirituality" in everything I do. Check it: http://poetry.arts and http://zenith.arts

My philosophical passion these days is semiotics and immediacy - a philosophy that runs through all my interests: art, design, consciousness, technology and programming languages - I've invented one and been a major player in two others (notably Occam). I've recently written a book on semiotics which is going through, hopefully, a final rewrite - and I have a paper in the up and coming conference "Quantum Mind II" - which marks a return by me to the academic stage.

Enough? What can you look to me for and what the hell am I doing here? Well, three of my kids are LJ obsessives (I won't point to them 'cos they are kidda sensitive that dad even knows about LJ) - most everything I know about building real products for real people I learn from them. I have myself been a member for sometime. I have a professional interest in the blog phenomena and also like what Ben and Mena Trott have been doing with MovableType. I think LJ and MT do different things and are complementary in many ways - you might want to checkout my comments on Ben and Mena's Six Apart blog

I am integrating LJ into an affinity project we are building for "the modern spiritual" community at: - we are also using MT in the same project. It is just starting up - but it you want to watch what we do the journal will finally be at:

I've know UNIX since we were both in the craddle - I thought UNIX had died, since it had been rather a noisey and nuisance child in the craddle and I am rather irritated that it came back - but what the hell. I did all my earlier compiler work using GNU tools - I may rebel if people ask me to use Tex and LaTex again (another guru subject I'd rather leave embodied in my toes not my brain) - but my fingers, at least, love Emacs even if my intellect objects. We (PEAR AVENUE) have pretty much abandoned the MS platform in favor of Linux for new products - though we still have good friends at Microsoft (at least down here in Mountain View).

You can look to me to simplify. For sure that is what we will do in our own implementation - much of which, at least initially, will be done by me personally.

I can offer availability and scalability advice - but from what I've seen Brad has some handle on that and a personal vision - and I can provide some business input if you want it, but you'll find me hard, pragmatic and radical on that front.

Let me know if there are specific's I can help with development wise - but remember that I've only just started looking at the code base. Our value and contribution will be to provide the insight we gain from applying the code in a different application and environment, bug reports and bug fixes etc ..

I think you've done great work. I'd encourage you to solidify and expand the community business you have before yeilding to pressure to "productize" the code - though this is something that we can clearly help with from a business POV. One day I will have an opinion on BML :)

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