Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote in lj_dev,
Daniel W. Ottey

Error in LJ USER tag input messes up talkread.bml


The user reportedly entered the following code in one of her comments:

<lj user="ladyuamvar likes chili

She continued on with her comment and then posted. Note that she forgot to end the LJ USER tag with an end-quote (though quotes aren't necessary at all) and the closing > sign.

I believe that these missing items are the cause for the mess on the rest of the page.

I suggest that the HTML cleaner be re-adjusted to clean up some of these user errors. Is this possible? If so, I will post a bug to Zilla about it. I just didn't want to go right to Zilla without knowing that this is possible.

I guess another good question is - is LJ responsible for cleaning up user's typos? I thought a good rule of thumb would be "one user's comments should not affect the rest of the page." But is that LJ's stance?

Thanks for any and all input!

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