Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_dev,

Forms and buttons

This is a very very tiny nitpicky thing, but I've been wondering about this for ages, so I thought I'd eventually ask.

The new payment system main page (http://www.livejournal.com/pay/) has three command buttons on it. Let's forget about the "Check out" button for a moment. The other two serve independent functions: remove selected items from the cart, and add new items to it.

I'm wondering: Why is all of this within one big <form> tag? Wouldn't it make more sense if the "add item to cart" bit was a separate form? Is there any particular thing about some browser I don't know that makes it easier when it's all in one form?

Notice: I'm not on about the payment system in particular. This is a general trend I've noticed with many other forms on LiveJournal.

The reason it makes a difference to me, and possibly other Opera users, is that, while the current keyboard focus is in a text area, Opera allows me to press "Enter" to execute the first command button in a form. Unfortunately, in the case of the payment system, this is the "Remove items" button and not the one that would make sense when your cursor is on the text areas: The "Add item" button.

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