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Now Available - cclj 0.04

cclj is a Perl client.

"Yeah, as if we need yet ANOTHER Perl client." you might say.

But this one is different from other Perl clients. Instead of being a question-at-a-time client, like jlj, or a "quick post" client, like lj-perl, this one is full-screen-menu-based. It requires Perl 5.6.0, the Curses libraries and Perl module, and the LJ::Client module (available from .)

If you want to try it out, it supports all "posting an entry" options available in the graphical clients except for setting security by friend groups. Editing previous entries, friends, friends groups, or other options are not available yet (but hopefully soon will be!)

Feedback is welcomed, both positive and negative.

Be sure and follow the directions in the README file for installation.

It's available (now, I just checked) at

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