Larathia Nightraven (larathia) wrote in lj_dev,
Larathia Nightraven

Notion sparked by the recent 'livejournal analysis' meme, and by the way, hallo there.

I read a lot of journals. However, just because I read them, it doesn't mean I particularly want them to know all about me. The way I see it, being interesting isn't the same as being trusted, or being trustworthy.

I would like very much if there were levels to 'friending'. Right now there's only one; you're either on someone's friends list or you're not. If you maintain a lot of friends you're invariably going to end up with 'friend groups' so not everyone gets exposed to your more personal thoughts, and these can be difficult to keep track of.

Communities have 'watched by' and 'member' options. Why can't friends? (I'm assuming it'd be a bitch to code.)

It'd be nice if I had the option of 'watching' a journal without 'friending' it. Meaning, they show up on my friends view but they don't have the option of seeing my locked entries. I can always friend them later, if I find them trustworthy. As it is, my only options are either maintaining a huge bookmark file or a ton of friends groups and using them religiously.

Can it be done?

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