James Mastros (theorb) wrote in lj_dev,
James Mastros

(Slightly OT): Errors and idempotency?

Hey, all. I just tried updating my journal, and after hitting submit, I got a "proxy error" page (BTW, I'm using no proxies, unless my ISP puts in a transparent proxy without telling me). OK, so I submitted again, got the same. Third time was the charm. Check my journal, and find three coppies. OK, I think, so I'll just delete the extras. Deleted the first OK, but got a strange "can't update selected journal" error trying to delete the second dupe. This time I check, and indeed all three are gone.

I'm not going to file a bugzilla report because I've no idea how to repeat it, and I wanted to bring it up here anyway, because there's a bigger issue -- that of idempotency. When we do get an error on a journal-modifying event, is there some way to make it idempotent -- that is, use a transaction or simply undo the change if there is an error?

I'm afraid I don't know the archetecture of LJ enough to know if this is trivial, near-impossible, or somewhere inbetween.

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