Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

How do I run S2 styles on my local LJ installation?

After updating to the latest CVS code, use bin/upgrading/update-db.pl -p to actually insert the s2 styles into the database.

Then with a web browser login to your LJ installation, and visit /admin/console. Run "set stylesys s2". I now see my journal running with the s2 port of the "generator" style.

I haven't figured out how to modify which style you use directly ("set s2_style xx" doesn't work because it's lacking a setter?) but you can change the $DEFAULT_STYLE set in your ~/cgi-bin/ljconfig.pl (copy the one in ljdefaults.pl to start with) to change it.

...Any comments from Brad? :)

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