ToyKeeper (toykeeper) wrote in lj_dev,

Removing lj-isms; tips on running a LJ shared news site

In setting up my livejournal site, I keep finding bits and pieces which only work on the original site. Anyway, I've got a small patch to bin/upgrading/s1styles.dat; I just replaced with %%cons:siteroot%% . It'd be groovy if someone with access could apply the patch. :)

Oh, BTW, hi. I'm new here. Someone slap me if I'm posting in the wrong place. :)

I've other things to add/fix/change about LJ too, whenever I get around to it. But before I go writing a custom news page for LJ, I should check if someone has already created this: A script to display, in the style of a journal, the most recent X entries in both a journal and that journal's friends. Probably with GET vars for which entry to start on, and how many entries to display.

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