Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_dev,

FAQ updates


I've just realised that when someone updates an FAQ, they only have the option to notify translators up to severity 2. I find this rather insufficient, as I'm sure the two severity levels above it exist for a reason.

As I understood it, Severity 1 is when the wording was changed somewhere or a bit of information was changed, and Severity 2 is when a sentence was added, changed, or deleted, while Severity 3 appears to be needed when a whole new paragraph was added that is important to translate. In the light of that, I have to wonder why FAQ editors can't set Severity 3?

Furthermore, I think Severity 4 should also be settable. The Description of Severities page mentions that Severity 4 is when no translation exists - however, when an FAQ is completely entirely rewritten or even replaced by a completely different FAQ - like FAQ #137 was, recently - the outdated translation is as useful as no translation at all. In those cases, I believe Severity 4 should be settable.

Thoughts? Comments?

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