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For some reason, I cannot get syndication to work at all on uJournal. Everything seems like it's working, but I don't get new entries. I usually get one or two, then it stops (without returning an error). Here is an example:

Running task 'synsuck':

Synsuck: memepool (http://memepool.com/memepool.rss)
HASH(0x89d78e4)e21dKiuz0cKP8i5BJkxdYw - After a googly, bumper, or a yorker, I think I'd fancy a Scrumpy Jack, guv'nor.
Synsuck: kuro5hin (http://www.kuro5hin.org/backend.rdf)
HASH(0x89de76c) HASH(0x89de950) HASH(0x89de908) HASH(0x89de8c0) HASH(0x89de878) HASH(0x89de830) HASH(0x89de490) HASH(0x89de784) HASH(0x89de61c) HASH(0x89de6c4)YRwCb/S16BedpsltrBP5eg - U.S. pressures Taiwan to extend copyright terms to 70 years with "Disney clause"
Synsuck: theregister (http://www.theregister.co.uk/tonys/slashdot.rdf)
HASH(0x89e7f9c) HASH(0x89c7f00) HASH(0x89de484) HASH(0x89de598) HASH(0x846f288) HASH(0x89d7a94) HASH(0x89c7cf0) HASH(0x89c7e10) HASH(0x89b5f6c) HASH(0x89d7aac)YRwCb/S16BedpsltrBP5eg - Nominet director calls for .net.uk clemency
o3mdA+Jio4Ps/R7ZAaJyNw - Get your g logos here
vcRglbPUBOgWYu47EKSU7g - BOFH: Going Postal
Synsuck: linuxtoday (http://linuxtoday.com/backend/my-netscape.rdf)
HASH(0x89de938) HASH(0x89de4d8) HASH(0x89de9d4) HASH(0x89de80c) HASH(0x89b5fe4)e21dKiuz0cKP8i5BJkxdYw - The Register USA: Linux-Based TMTA Tablet PC for $600?
Synsuck: dotkde (http://www.kde.org/dotkdeorg.rdf)
HASH(0x89de418) HASH(0x89d79d4) HASH(0x89c7d20) HASH(0x89e7fe4) HASH(0x89b5c9c) HASH(0x89de598) HASH(0x89d7ad0) HASH(0x89c7f00) HASH(0x89c7fb4) HASH(0x89b5eb8)e21dKiuz0cKP8i5BJkxdYw - KDE Switches To Bugzilla
Synsuck: wired_news (http://www.wired.com/news_drop/netcenter/netcenter.rdf)
HASH(0x89d7a04) HASH(0x89d7b24) HASH(0x89de730) HASH(0x89de980) HASH(0x89d79a4) HASH(0x89de4f0) HASH(0x89d79e0) HASH(0x8991f00)YRwCb/S16BedpsltrBP5eg - Spectrum Limbo Hurts Wireless Biz

This is the first run after creating those accounts. If I'm not mistaken, it should have pulled every story from each .rdf file. It didn't. "synsuck" is running every 10 minutes (and has been for a day now) and it hasn't retrieved any new stories.

Does anyone know what might be wrong?

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