Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote in lj_dev,
Daniel W. Ottey

Discussion Regarding Login/Logout Confusion

I want to start a general discussion, which hopefully will lead to a developer fixing a problem and a patch being submitted.

Currently, when a user is logged in and they wish to logout, he will click on the logout link near the top-right of the Livejournal main page (or some other similar LJ page).

Clicking this link will forward the user to the Login page. I think this is pretty confusing. The user is already logged in, and now LJ is telling them so. Not only that, but LJ really tells them HOW to log in (not realizing the user is already logged in). LJ tells the user the benefits of logging in.

On the other hand, it does display the box with the username, expiration, and bind-to-IP options, along with a logout button. I do not find it very intuitive (easy) for a user to know that after they click the logout link, he must then click the logout button on that page.

First I think this two-click approach is annoying. One click on a link should be enough to get me logged out. But I understand that this happens probably because we don't like doing any actions that are not the result of a form post. So I would like to find some method of turning that logout link into a logout button or some other item which will post to a form.

In the mean time, since I think this is more easily said than done, can we fix the login page to know that a user is logged in, and therefore not tell the user how to login and the benefits of logging in.

Rather, the login page should tell the user the he is still logged in, and then give instructions on how to logout AND how to change the expiration and bind-to-IP options (and perhaps an explanation of what those options mean).

Please, let us discuss this so that a formal bug can be placed into Zilla and this confusing issue can be taken care of as soon as possible. Any other thoughts you guys might have regarding this issue would be appreciated.

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