emerson (emerson) wrote in lj_dev,

"Client error: No mode specified"

Hmmn. In digging around, I'm moderately sure this is probably -not- an lj code error per se, especially since I just started over with a clean copy of the 08/20 tarball. But someone out there might have some idea.

Whenever trying to log in to our instance of the lj code, with -any- client (well, I've tried the Win32 'official' one, Semagic, and LogJam), it refuses to do the login, alleging "Client error: No mode specified". Digging around the code, I begin to suspect that somehow my Apache and/or mod_perl instance is just not setting up the $req structure correctly.

If I get really really OCD about it, I'm sure I can track it down, but I thought I'd pester y'all to see if anyone out there has a quick answer to what could be causing this.

Thanks in advance.

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