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I need to speak with someone who worked on the UTF-8 conversion of LiveJournal.

Here is the story:

I have a user who made a post in lj_textmessage asking for support for his SMS provider in Russia. I hacked his provider into the new beta copy of LJ::TextMessage and posted it to a goat hack. He went and sent himself a few messages and reported that it works when he sends the message in English, but when he sends the messages in Cryllic, it goes through but the message appears mangled and unreadable.

I am not sure if the problem is on our side, or his providers side, but I would assume it would be on our side since I doubt a provider in Russia would not support SMS in their national language. I sent the person an email and asking him if when he sends a message to himself in Cryllic through his providers web site, if he has the same problem, but he has not responded.

But I thought I would run this message past you guys to see if it is possible to add UTF-8 support to the TextMessage module.

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