Alan Jaffray (alanj) wrote in lj_dev,
Alan Jaffray

Zilla backlog

The current backlog of Zilla bugs is annoying, and our response time to submitted patches sucks. I know this is frustrating; I'm not happy about it either.

I've been here for six weeks. I've spent about a third of my time whomping Zilla, a third of my time making sure the site doesn't die in flames, and a third of my time on other stuff. In other words, I've spent about two work-weeks on Zilla, two weeks in which I've still been learning the ropes.

When I started, there were about 50 open bugs in Zilla. Since then, 130 new bugs have been added. Two weeks of work by someone who is still learning the ropes is not going to keep up with this, let alone eliminate the backlog. If you're wondering why your particular bug or patch hasn't been addressed, that's why.

Things are going to improve. Less of my time will be spent responding to critical site performance issues when we get more servers. The backlog of sysadmin tasks, many of which don't make it into Zilla, is going down. I'm becoming more knowledgable and my productivity when I do have time to whomp Zilla is going up.

But things are going to improve slowly; this backlog is HUGE and it's not going away overnight. The backlog and response time should be somewhat better by the end of the month, and they should be a lot better by the end of October. In the meantime, I have to ask for patience.

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