dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

Dealing/Living with lj_biz.


Seeing an uproar of good goody goodness volunteer cheer on lj_biz today, yesterday, and probably the day before. Now we're getting a lot of small feature suggestions. We're also getting a lot of duplicate suggestions for things we already have in the works.

My mindless suggestions:
Since the rally's going, we get the proposal process thrown in there, because more people have a chance of seeing it in the next day.
I write out a concise proposal process for them small things.
We have a page somewhere which archives proposals in the stash, and recently completed/dumped features. If we dump a feature, we put the proposal up with a short description of why we dumped it.

Don't ask me to do ordered lists, I'm tired :)

Also, we should sum up what we're working on, and post that to lj_biz every week or two, so they know what's in the works and how far, and won't be stepping on our toes.

Say whatever you wish at me, trying to think of ways to smooth out the work without generating more work as well.

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