Professor Horatio Hufnagel (ex_22dip922) wrote in lj_dev,
Professor Horatio Hufnagel

userinfo.bml Patch

User's have the option to mangle their email address when it gets displayed on the userinfo.bml page. Basically, this is done by putting the username, the @ and the domain name into a 1 column, 3 row table which can fool some automated harvesting scripts that trawl the internet looking for email address's.

However, By doing this you lose the ability to click on the name and have an email client open up and create a new message with that address in the to: field.
Also, while this method may trick some automated scripts, it is a very trivial system to beat. mart wrote a small perl snippet that extarcted the email address from the page in 8 lines of perl.

So..What I have done is to use javascript to really mangle the email address.

It gives the user the option to click on the address and create a new message to the person. Plus, it the email address is not on the same line, so it adds another "level of protection"

I have tested it and it works quite nice

Example of JavaScript Mangling
The Modified userinfo.bml File
userinfo.bml in diff -u format

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