Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_dev,

Revisiting features again

I have ameliorated my feature (see my previous lj_dev entry).

  • I have spared editinfo.bml and moved everything into interests.bml instead.
  • Since /interests.bml?mode=interests is stupid, I called it mode=enmasse instead.
  • The link on user info pages still only shows up if you're logged in, but you can nevertheless go to /interests.bml?mode=enmasse and be presented with the same username/password form as on editinfo.bml and use that to change your interests without actually logging in.
  • The "Success!" page now links both to your own user info page, and - if different - to the user info page you originally came from (the fromuser= argument).
  • You can see the patches here: interests.bml, userinfo.bml, and the translation file.

[UPDATE] ... I forgot to say you're obviously supposed to test this. :>

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