Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

file syncin'

people can upload stuff now and actually have it go somewhere now.

it works like this....

  • everybody can FTP in to with their LJ username/password
  • but, you need a directory to upload stuff into. ask for this.
  • then, if you want your stuff to go anywhere, you need a "dirsync" priv
  • every so often, a cron job (source) will run which copies stuff from your ftp roots and into all the different web/ftp server's doc roots.
  • existing files can only be replaced for a period of 2 hours, except files named changelog[.txt] or readme[.txt]. the idea is that 1) it's a support nightmare if there's multiple versions of the same filename floating around. the 2 hour grace period is just in case you fucked something up in the packaging. and 2) if your LJ username/password is compromised, people can't replace good binaries with trojans. (although they could upload new ones... yeah yeah)
  • Now, I'm adding a new priv which lets you specify in a LATEST file the latest version of your client and the different versions is can be downloaded in (source, rpm, deb, exe, zip, whatever...) and then the download page will be be updated with correct links into the files area, both HTTP and FTP.
fun fun. questions? comments? requests?

oh yeah, i made pretty .rpm and .deb apache icons...


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