Daniel W. Ottey (dottey) wrote in lj_dev,
Daniel W. Ottey

setscheme.bml is done!

Well, I hope its done anyways.

I would love for some devs to please check out my patches for the following Bug 85.

If my DNS has updated properly, it should be testable on my server:


You'll have to create an account, log in with the account, and then go to http://lj.snarfykat.org/setscheme.bml

Select your preferred scheme. The scheme should update with the form post. Then logout. Your browser should be returned to the default scheme (which is dystopia) upon logout. Then log back in. Your browser should be returned to your preferred scheme.

Please post any comments/suggestions to either here or as a comment on the bug report. This is by far the most advanced patch I've ever written. So I'm sure I've screwed something up.

*crosses fingers*

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