Timwi (timwi) wrote in lj_dev,

A new feature

Hi everybody,

I have implemented a new feature that was suggested in suggestions here. This is my Zilla entry for it.

The Zilla entry already explains what this feature is. Basically, you can now easily add and remove interests and friends directly from anyone's user info page.

If my computer happens to be online while you're reading this, please feel free to test it on my development installation. You may either log in as User "test"/Password "test", or create an account for yourself and add friends and interests as you like. Just one thing I would like to ask you: Be patient! My computer is SLOOOooooooww.... Especially if several people are using it at the same time. After I've written this, I'm going to bed and leaving the computer on, so you'll be free to use it.

Oh, and... comments, please. ;-)

[UPDATE] -- Wow, two suggestions for further improvement already. Thanks a lot. But I have to admit that's not what I meant by "comments, please". ;-) I'll write these suggestions down, but please understand I won't implement them before the patches I've already submitted get committed, because if they don't, it's going to be a waste of time.

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