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Captain Spam

A diff for custom mood theme ID input on modify_do.bml

(This is where these go, right? I apologize if not)

This is based on a suggestion I made earlier. Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea and nobody seemed to shoot it down as bad. But, nobody did it, so I just went ahead. :-)

Briefly, what I suggested was to put an input box in Modify Journal (modify_do.bml) to allow users to easily use other people's custom mood icon sets, granted they know the ID. It would simplify the process of using custom mood icon sets greatly.

So, I grabbed the code and did it myself. modify_do.bml and moodlist.bml are modified.

Possible problems:

  • Semantics. I'm not sure how the text on the page should be phrased, so I went with my best guess.
  • The resulting HTML does not match the style used elsewhere within modify_do.bml and moodlist.bml, but I'm going on the LJ coding guidelines here (<br /> instead of <BR>, etc).
  • It will not complain if the moodthemeid does not exist.

Testing and diffs:

These have been tested on my tiny test server, and they work inasmuch as it seems to modify the database to the same extent as a normal moodthemeid change does. I have no moodthemes in play, so I'm not sure if they'll display right, but in theory, it does the same thing as normal, but with custom numbers, so all should be well.

To quote the immortal Joel Hodgson, "Whadya think, sirs?" (Or should I have posted these diffs elsewhere?)

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