David Glasser (davidglasser) wrote in lj_dev,
David Glasser

customview skip links: bug or not?

Hmm. I'd go about fixing this myself, but I'm not sure whether or not it's actually a bug. On pages loaded with customview.cgi, "Next N" and "Previous N" links point to the user's default views, not the custom view itself. So, eg, on a friends page custom view, the links go to /users/davidglasser/friends?skip=40, not /customview.cgi?user=davidglasser&styleid=123456&skip=40. Is this a feature (page has same HTML as it would be if made into the real view) or a bug (the links do not do what I would expect)?

(Oh, and the checkcookies option is totally undocumented, but that's another issue entirely.)

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