Firelegend (firelegend) wrote in lj_dev,

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Livejournal Navigation:
I need to know how many differnt ways/scenarios that the nav can apear.

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Livejournal Portal Box's:
I need to know how many differnt ways/scenarios that the box's can apear.

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I need to know this for when I am doing the design of how they will look depending on which instance is apearing, so I need to know EXACTLY how many differnt senarious of apearance there are. (for the portal's I am not talking about EACH box, but just that a certin set will apear when your not logged in and you get another senario when you are logged in, regardless of wether you edit them, just that they are differnt when your logged in vs. when your not)

Are there anymore then those?

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