Master of the Oblivious, Destroyer of Souls (pyran) wrote in lj_dev,
Master of the Oblivious, Destroyer of Souls

Editing Events

Question: Anyone know how to get around this:

I'm trying to edit a journal entry (specifically, I want to change the security from public to private as a test). I'm trying to edit the post with an itemid of 335421. Throwing information to the debug window tells me that I'm sending the correct basic info ("Editing 335421 as pyran (pass: xxxxxxxx) in " -- note that I'm not specifying a journal because I'm just editing my default one), but I get back "Client error: Can't edit post from requested journal". The username, password, and itemid are, as far as I can tell, all correct.

Here's what I'm sending:
- itemid
- username
- password (encrypted)
- subject
- event
- eventtime (parsed out) -- though I get the same result without sending this
- security ("private")

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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