ljnp4u (ljnp4u) wrote in lj_dev,

Bugzilla bug 39


(for some reason I am currently unable to write a comment to this bug, I get this:
Only the owner or submitter of the bug, or a sufficiently empowered user, may make that change to the op_sys field.
Old value:
New value: All
So I'm posting it here)

I just went checking into this, there will also be a problem if there are more than 50 screened comments, or 25 screened comments. It will try to show multiple pages or a threaded view, because of this:

my $post_count = 0;
while (my $post = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
$post_count++ unless ($post->{'state'} eq "D");
$posts{$post->{'talkid'}} = $post;
push @{$children{$post->{'parenttalkid'}}}, $post->{'talkid'};

Will count everything unless the post was deleted. Screened comments should be taken into account, but not just like this:

$post_count++ unless (($post->{'state'} eq "D") || (post->{'state'} eq "S"));

As some people are indeed allowed to see screened comments.

I'm a bit worried that calling LJ::Talk::can_view_screened that many times to get the real count is going to be overkill.

Would it be acceptable to try and call that function so many times ? it's being done again later actually, and this is just to get the count of items. Like we could drop them into a hash while doing so we don't need to call the function again later.

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