Firelegend (firelegend) wrote in lj_dev,

hello everyone - I need volunteers!!

I have a re-design of livejournal that I am interested in implementing and testing, Brad suggested that I,

"find a volunteer developer in lj_dev to help do the BML template from it .... then we'd get people's thoughts."

Here is my html template:
Sub page I started:

As you can see it's not very graphicly heavy and is already in HTML. I think I would be fairly capable of putting it into the BML myself if I had some help to point me in the right direction and help me set things up to start.

I wanted to really capture the flavor of LJ users and of the community. By randomly showing actual user icons on the home page and linking to random journals.. things like that. I think LJ is a lot more sophisticated then it's current image conveys. Surfacing up real time content on the home page would give new visitors a real taste of LJ.

I showed this design to a few LJ users and they seemed to really like it, so I got excited and emailed brad.. and was *really* excited when he seemed open to the idea.

Even if it doesn't fly, it would be fun to play with BML some, and maybe from that learning experience I could help do some front end code when their are changes in the future, no matter what the design.

So in conclusion I think I'll enjoy the experience regardless of the outcome. So is there anyone here who would like to volunteer to help me?

- brandy

PS. I also have access to some very experienced usability peeps and may see if a few of them would like to help out with some research.

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