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Hello, Moods, and Virtual Domains

Hi! First of all, I'd just like to say thanks to the LJ developers for making this open-source! I checked out the code this morning, and I now have a mostly working copy of LJ :D (I had to reinstall Apache because for some odd reason lj didn't like mine)

A few questions:

1) Do I have to add the default mood images by hand, or is there some sql somewhere that I missed? Seems like it'll take hours to import them all by hand.

2) My users virtual domains ( were working fine, but after an hour or so, it started telling me that those urls were not available for that account type. I even tried adding "'userdomain' => 1," but it still won't accept. Perhaps there's something I need to do to make take effect after change?
The users are added to paid accounts, although I did add the features to free accounts also. And I did set $USER_VHOSTS = 1; Any ideas?

In any case, thanks for such a great system, and any help in advance! :D

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