xb95 (xb95) wrote in lj_dev,

Client protocol patch: editcomm

Hey everyone. While working on LochJournal I realized one thing that would be very easy for the client protocol to do and would be useful for clients out there: joining and leaving communities. As it stands right now, whenever a user wants to join a community, my client has to redirect them to join.bml. That's hardly elegant.

I spent the past two hours writing (and rewriting, due to a design change) a patch that adds a new mode: editcomm. This patch is running live on my goathack, though you won't be able to test it unless you have a handy client around that lets you send arbitrary data to a server. (Speaking of...maybe I should make mine publically available, if anyone's interested?) You can, however, see the mode documentation here.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

(Oh, and if you're questioning why this has to be in its own mode, it's because I am intending on expanding this to have options to configure the community, etc. That's right up there with my plans to have a userinfo mode, and comments mode, and todo mode, and ... ack!)

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