dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

LiveJournal Feature Proposal Process, Auditing, etc.

Yo all, upon a quick one-line exchange with brad, I went off to write a proposal process for new features in LiveJournal. I forgot about this for a day, remembered, and now here's the rough.

Go pick it to pieces, I probably didn't write it as brad was expecting, anyway :) That's modified from some quick suggestions he made, and the full process from the game company I work at. All of the sections designated to videogame plot removed, of course ;)

In other, horrible news, staring at my OpenBSD cd sets got me thinking about an auditing process for livejournal. It will probably be a bit longer until enough of the code is available for this to be useful, but is it possible that we could have an auditing team? A small group of people who comb the code for bugs, optimizations, and security flaws? Communicating quietly until the bugs are fixed, then posting the changes to wherever is appropriate...
Profiling code as well, and perhaps replacing chunks of the modules with C code where appropriate and/or required for significant speedup could be amongst their other uses.

I'm done.

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