Professor Horatio Hufnagel (ex_22dip922) wrote in lj_dev,
Professor Horatio Hufnagel

userinfo.bml Patch

Hello All,

For your account options, you can allow livejournal to mangle your email address some requests userinfo.bml?user=blah, so scripts to harvest email pass over it. However, you lose the ability to click on the link, and have your favorite mail client open up and create a new message with their name in the to: field.

Using javascript, I was able to create a solution that still keeps the email in mangled form, but also allows you to display their name as a mailto link.
I works by having a javascript concatenate 2 strings, the username, and the domain name, and then create a mailto: link with that.

I dunno if you guys like using javascript, but I have seem a few pages that use it, so I will submit it for review anyway.

This patch is untested, but I did write some proof of concept code in perl and it passed. I simply created a variable called $email, set it to and had called it through a http request.

I was wondering if anyone with a goathack account would be willing to help me do some testing and allow to run a few test to make sure everything is working properly, and everything looks right.

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