Casey K (casey) wrote in lj_dev,
Casey K

using LJ as a news source

I'm working on using Livejournal's code for a news site. The plan is to run the LJ code on our own server and have only one community and a couple users set up, so that the staff can post their entries through the LJ client to the community. However, it'd be nice to be able to use the comment system as a "message board," and thus have account registration available for the purpose of posting comments only.

This brings up some complications. Is there a way to not allow the creation of/posting to journals? That is, there would be one journal which could be posted to (the main news site), and it would be a community that certain users have access to. All other journals would be non-existent, because we're really not in a position to host lots of journals.
The idea behind doing this is for the customization of the LJ system pages to match the rest of the news site. This will eliminate confusion and hopefully allow a bit more control over everything going on with the site.

So I guess my main question is, is there a way to make it so that users don't have journals to post to? This reminds me of a discussion I seem to remember a long time ago about the possibility of "comment accounts" being a type of account that could be made in which the user existed only to post comments. I think it was shot down because having an empty journal didn't take up any more disk space, so it wasn't a problem.

Seemed like this was an interesting way to see how LJ can match up against news scripts, which I often find bulky and annoying to deal with. To have the staff able to post articles through the LJ client, something they're intimately familiar with, sounded like a fun idea.

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