Joe (erebrandir) wrote in lj_dev,

PATCHES: Revised patches for preformatted bio option


Revised patches for a preformatted option for user bios.

Reference: lj_dev:404019


These patches provide a "Don't Auto-Format"/"Preformatted" option for user bios.

Upon recommendation of bradfitz, the "preformatted" option is now stored in column has_bio of table user, rather than in a new column opt_preformatted on table userbio.

has_bio is now set to "P" if the user has a bio, and it is preformatted, "Y" if the user has a bio, and it is not preformatted, and "N" if the user has no bio. userinfo.bml and editinfo.bml now check to see if $u->{'has_bio'} ne "N", rather than $u->{'has_bio'} eq "Y". This should not affect anything, as "N" is already the default value for has_bio.

This does require, however, that column has_bio on table user be altered from an enum('Y','N') to a char(1).


livejournal/htdocs/editinfo.bml Tested
livejournal/htdocs/userinfo.bml Tested
livejournal/bin/upgrading/en.dat Tested

Patches tested locally.


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