xb95 (xb95) wrote in lj_dev,

Communities Posting Comments?

There have been two or three support questions over the past few weeks wondering why some communities seem to have comments listed as Posted. lochjournal is listed as having 95 Posted. This has happened to quite a few communities that have always been communities. I checked userinfo.bml, that doesn't seem to be the problem. The problem, instead, seems to stem from back when converted to clusters. In the moveucluster.pl file, the following line is:

# note that poster commented here
if ($item->{'posterid'}) {
  my $pub = $logitem->{'security'} eq "public" ? 1 : 0;
  my ($table, $db) = ("talkleft_xfp", $dbh);
  ($table, $db) = ("talkleft", $dbch) if $userid == $item->{'posterid'};
  $replace_into->($db, $table, "(userid, posttime, journalid, nodetype, ".
                    "nodeid, jtalkid, publicitem)", 50,
                    $userid, $item->{'datepostunix'}, $userid,
                    'L', $jitemid, $jtalkid, $pub);

The second $userid should probably have been $item->{'posterid'}. It looks like items were added to the talkleft and talkleft_xfp tables in error, the posterid was converted to userid by accident.

Correcting this would involve going through talk2 on every cluster, which is not exactly the easiest thing...but it should probably be done sometime. This has affected everyone's "Posted" on the userinfo page.

Am I right? Someone check me and see if the above is the cause or if I'm on crack. I have some support points to get! ;)

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