xenofalcon (xenofalcon) wrote in lj_dev,

Resubmission of patch: /ljcom/htdocs/download/index.bml

This is the functional version of my recent, untested patch. I missed a comma near the end of the file, and as a result the entire thing broke. O Brad, never again will I submit an untested patch to thee.

Changes from the previous patch:
  • This one actually works (I hate commas)
  • Replaced the old BML syntax with the new syntax
  • Corrected the Mozilla client's community
  • Changed the homepage for iJournal

In the future I plan on removing the English from the file, after some standardization of the client descriptions is made. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done on this page (if it's left in the form that it is), so I wanted to get this patch out before finding even more updates that need to be added.

The only annoying thing that this patch produces is some annoying HTML in the address bar when viewing the Palm OS clients page, due to the trademark symbol. All copyrights/trademarks should probably be credited (eg, Windows) on this page in the future.

The proposed index.bml file.
The patch for the current index.bml file.

You can view the patch in action here.
Thanks to supersat for the goathack testing.

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