dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

LiveJournal lite?

This go on dev list, since I'm not sure if it'd get anywhere on lj_biz...

LiveJournal seems a bit ... bloated? Maybe? Approaching that state? This might just be because I'm a minimalist who drools over useless embedded products all day, but it might be true if someone out there agrees.

So, is it possible to make a "livejournal lite" mode, or something similar? Where most of the options someone just looking for a vanilla journal doesn't need would disappear?

Dunno. I'm looking at blog, seeing what goes into it, looking at livejournal, and getting momentarily overwhelmed. It's also the argument I've heard five times in the last ten minutes by some blog people.

Just a passing thought...

Oh, and I'll have a writeup of the proposal process tomorrow. That goes on lj_biz :)

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