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Can we please have a discussion about the possibility of changing the email address that LiveJournal comment email comes from? Hotmail is now apparently blocking lj_dontreply@livejournal.com at least part of the time. I know that the answer to that is "get a real email provider", but for some people that isn't an option, and the number of support requests regarding this problem is getting ludicrous.

Changing the reply address might not help all the problems. But it will almost certainly help some. 'dontreply' in an email address is a red flag to spam-blocking heuristics.

I don't know the details about the setup of LiveJournal's mail servers, and I don't know what it would break if we changed that email address. But it's just a simple change in ljconfig.pl.

My suggestion for a change would be lj_comment@livejournal.com, with the corresponding username lj_comment flagged as not available for use.

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