Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Net::FTPServer !

Net::FTPServer is sooo damn cool.

Every single aspect of it is customizable by just subclassing the appropriate perl module.

So, we finally have an FTP server:

Developers can now upload new versions of their clients or whatever files you need to put up. Current people with access include: bradfitz, dystopia, evan, grahams, martmart, revjim, scottfreeman, visions

If you need access, let me know. I'll add anonymous access to all the downloads and code areas later.... Net::FTPServer is so fun to work with.

Currently uploads just go to your own chrooted directory, but in the future I'll make a way for you to copy things from your upload area into the main doc tree(s). (Plural because soon we'll have 2 web servers....)

Also, I plan to setup an SSH wrapper around it tomorrow or so. SSH won't be mandatory though, because in the future I plan to use this FTP server for a ton of different things (uploading user pictures, styles, etc..... downloading journals (?) ....) and not all users know/care about security. Maybe SSH will be required for uploading new clients, or I'll require they be accompanied by a PGP signature or something.

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