Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Documentation! Wooohooo!

I'm so happy ... I've been whining for ages for somebody to lead the documentation project and it always kinda limped along.

Anyway, jproulx's been working on it and came up with this:

A ton is missing (my fault), but the structure is there, and the build tools are there, and it's all pretty beautiful. (well, the file layout and such... the stylistic formatting we don't care about now... that's easy to change)

The point is: we finally have a good infrastructure for doing documentation!

So, if you want to help a ton, review the documentation and nit-pick. Find errors. Suggest new parts. Write more. Whatever.

If you don't know DocBook, just send jproulx the text and he'll DocBook-itize it.

I'll be working on the API and DB documentation over the next few days, and hope that everybody elses works on & tests the beginning parts (the installation / etc).

The next big part will be documenting how to run properly a derivative site, like DeadJournal. DeadJournal does it "wrong" now, only because all the English isn't scrubbed yet, which avva will be continuing to work on.

Then, 1.0 release.

P.S. Compiling the docs on your own machine (or your goathack) should be trivial... just run doc/raw/build/ and it'll complain if you're missing things it needs.

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