Antimony Azazello (atomicnumber51) wrote in lj_dev,
Antimony Azazello

browser specificity in userinfo.bml

I came across something surprising today while futzing with something entirely unrelated.

I was playing with Links (specifically Links 0.96). I looked at my user info page, and saw that I had 51 friends, and 49 friends of. I "usually" have 46/45. I went through and checked, and the only difference was that Links listed deleted journals, while Opera and Mozilla (what I use at home) don't. I don't remember ever having seen this in Lynx.

Links is a pretty non-standard browser, but I was wondering why it doesn't get the same text as other browsers do. (How it displays it when it gets it is, of course, it's own business.). Is this just an oddity, or are there other browsers that have the same effect?

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