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Patch: /ljcom/htdocs/download/index.bml

Update: May 30. Wow. Okay, from now on I won't submit a patch that hasn't been tested. This one is broken. I'm working on fixing it, and I'll make a new post when I've double-checked this. Damn, I feel like a newbie.
Update: May 22. Removed mention of Semagic client not being available for download due to recent events, added second author of KLuJe.

This patch is a general update to the client download page. It adds a small amount of additional client information (including two new clients and a platform to go along with them), and reformats the code to a more human-readable format. Due to the reformatting, the diff is rather painful to look at, so I have included a link to the new file as well. Many thanks to opiummmm for his pointers with this.

This patch has not been tested, but I have gone through it visually with a fine-toothed comb and a nice syntax highlighting program. If a kind soul with a goathack account could try patching their local version of this and commenting to this thread, I would be most grateful.

(Links are now broken, as the patch sucked)

This is a somewhat-complete list of what was changed. I'm sure I missed a few small changes.

  • Added a To Do list at the beginning of the file, for changes that would be nice to make in the future.
  • Changed most quotes to apostrophes, except for the text strings. No real reason for doing this--it was just bothering me.
  • Added hard returns and changed the spacing to make the code more easily readable.
  • Changed order of fieldnames so that they appear in the order that they do on the downloads page.
  • Corrected grammar in description fields.
  • Added XP as one of the Windows versions that the Win32 client can run under.
  • Replaced <b> with <strong>, in accordance with those dudes at the W3C.
  • Changed "Without the spell-checker; smaller download." to "Without the spell-checker; a smaller download." in the description for the 1.4.6 Lite Version.
  • Added mention that Semagic can not be downloaded (at least not from the standard channels) due to legal issues.
  • Got rid of an evil carriage return in the LochJournal description.
  • Added (but currently commented-out) SharpJournal, even though it hasn't been released yet. I was bored.
  • Added a break in the description for mIRC-LJ.
  • Updated the current version of mIRC-LJ.
  • Changed terminology from Mac OS 6 to System 6 (Apple took up the Mac OS bit around OS 7.6).
  • Changed string name for iJournal to $c_mac_ijournal from $c_mac_osx.
  • Added system requirements for Adversaria.
  • Corrected text for the LiveJournal Sherlock Plugin: It allows you to search by interest, and is still limited by what the database is willing to spit out.
  • Changed Palm Pilot wording to just Palm. Added trademarks in some places.
  • Added two WAP clients, TapJam and Mojo.
  • Found Buddy Brewer's LJ username, added it in place of his email address.
  • Added mention that packages for LogJam are available.
  • Changed the link for Blogger-2-LiveJournal so that it points directly at the script, as the old link was broken.
  • Added the communities for the Mozilla and KDE clients.
  • Changed the link text at the bottom of the page.


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