Kevin M. Brooks (lucretio) wrote in lj_dev,
Kevin M. Brooks

/friends/add.bml patch, show correct default colors

Suggestion: here by boymaenad (that's not what the suggestion was about, but it mentioned the bug)

What it does: On /friends/add.bml, when modifying an existing friend, one gets "Red, Darkest" for foreground and background colors. Friends fg- and bgcolors were changed to integers to save space, but the logic on this page still treated it as a string (#RRGGBB). This patch converts the color codes to integers before comparing them to the saved (or default) fg- and bgcolors.

Test: Test it on my goathack. Sign in as test/test and go here: /friends/add.bml?user=bradfitz, /friends/add.bml?user=lucretio. Add friends and mess around with this.

Patch: 2002-05-11-add.bml.diff

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