markpasc (markpasc) wrote in lj_dev,


Is anyone looking into reenabling RSS? I am, though I'm completely new to LiveJournal so I don't expect to get very far on my own. I've looked a little and have some thoughts before I stumble through writing anything--so disabuse me of my notions, OK?

Seems to me the rss mode/option should trigger a particular style, one that makes RSS. I know at least one person who's already publishing RSS, with custom styles. Is there anything like an option or flag that causes a particular style to be used, so it wouldn't be such an odd exception?

I say "mode/option" because personally I'd like to get RSS of the friends page too, so I think of it as an option rather than a mode. However, the format doesn't lend itself so much to the calendar mode; would it be better to look at it as an XML output option, one that outputs RSS for lastn, friends, and day modes, and possibly some other format for calendar pages?

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