Brad (ibrad) wrote in lj_dev,

please no.

Who is it that made this uh.. wonderful little icon.. that now graces the top of every dystopia page? Who on earth unleashed a thing of such great ugliness? It was a good attempt, but it doesn't do justice to the cause, and really just ruins the whole top corner of the page. Why isn't it just a text link in the first place? Or a little bit of small text, and possibly a small language-related icon, something that maybe looked like a link or a button rather than a pretty picture? In terms of good interface, it's just not communicating "click me" or "change your language here."

Does somebody need to make something for you guys? I know I can do that. From just looking at it I'm very sure it was one of you guys (geeks :p) who made it... heh.

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