Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Variables in translation items

tydel just wrote me saying:
I had one question ... You say not to break up sentences, but sometimes it's not possible because there's a perl variable in the middle of a sentence, and that can't be stuck into the language file. Is that alright? You'll see what I mean in the files I'm sending if I didn't explain it clear enough.
And his file contained:
/friends/add.bml.success.text2=was added to your friend list. You can view your friends page
That's bad. Not only does it completely kill the context for the translator, but it forces the translator into a word order that's almost certainly impossible or just plain wrong in their language.

I forgot to explain variables.

What you want is:

/friends/add.bml.success.text=User (=LJUSER [[username]] LJUSER=) was added to your friend list. You can view your friends page <a href="[[url]]">here</a>.
(okay, so I added the BML tag around username, but you get my drift)

Anyway, in the BML file then:

$ret .= BML::ml("/friends/add.bml.success.text", { 'username' => $username, 'url' => $some_url });

The complete item name is (currently) required when using BML::ml (as opposed to the shortcut you can use with the _ML tags), but I might change that. For now, though, use the long form.


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