Anatoly Vorobey (avva) wrote in lj_dev,
Anatoly Vorobey

widening the menu

We have a problem related to the new translation project for LJ interface.

Some languages (in fact, damn near all of them!) require more space than English for the same words or their equivalents in the left sidebar. To accommodate such languages it is possible to change the width of the sidebar (which until now was hardcoded at 122 pixels) for every language separately.

The problem is that when this is done, the logo images above become disjointed. See this picture for an example (Russian interface, sidebar width set at 125).

So, we need HTML experts to look at the source and tell us how to fix it, so that it works in all browsers just as well as it does now.

More technical details below.

122 remains hardcoded inside the source in these two places:

<td width="122"><a href="(=SITEROOT=)/">
<img src="(=IMGPREFIX=)/dys/logo1.gif" width="122"
height="51" border="0"></a></td>


<td width="122" height="49">
<img src="(=IMGPREFIX=)/dys/logo3.gif" width="122" height="52"

(for the bigger picture of how it fits in the page, see the source).

So, we can make some or all of these hardcoded places use the dynamically retrieved language-specific value (in the example above, 125). But I'm not sure that resizing the pictures by changing their width to 125 won't look ugly or wrong in some browser somewhere. And/or we can add align=right to these pictures, and again I'm not sure if this'll do any good.

I suck badly at HTML design, so maybe someone better than me will figure it out and tell us what to do.

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